Thrift Store Styling Challenge

ARE YOU A MODEL? This is a GREAT workshop for gaining experience with a lot of different photographers of all levels and building a portfolio of some amazing images. This workshop does require a fee for models. Keep reading for details and pricing information.

The Thrift Store Styling Challenge is to create a cohesive, stylish and visually engaging photo shoot using second-hand clothing items, which are often unique and eclectic. This requires creativity, attention to detail and a good eye for fashion styling.

First, you’ll meet your model and team at Opelika Art Factory and discuss a plan for your photo shoot concept.  Next, we’ll visit a local thrift store and browse through the clothing racks to select a variety of outfits and accessories that fit your chosen theme and assigned clothing budget. We’ll return to Opelika Art Factory for your shoot where you’ll work with your model and experiment with different poses, angles and compositions to create a visually dynamic series of images. Try to showcase the unique details and textures of the clothing items, model personality and OAF locations, as well as the overall style and vibe of the shoot. Your goal is to compete with your fellow photographers to get the best photo of the day!

After each team of photographers & models have nailed their shoots, we’ll shuffle the groups and open access to the entire OAF wardrobe room where the sky’s the limit! You’ll have several hours to play & experiment with all of the models in order to get creative and unusual images for your portfolios.

After the shoot, you’ll have about a week to edit and post-process your Thrift Store Styling Challenge photos to bring out the best in the images. This might involve adjusting lighting, color grading, and adding effects or filters to enhance the mood and style of the photos. Submit your images to your instructor for critique and judging. The winner(s) will receive 6 hours of studio rental time at OAF for a future shoot of your very own!

By the end of the day, models and photographers will have more confidence in styling and posing, more experience working with other team members from concept to execution, a stronger definition of your own creative styles, and a great selection of unique & compelling portfolio images.

  • Think creatively and outside the box to capture interesting and unique shots with limited resources
  • Develop your visual perception and train your eye to look for details in your everyday surroundings
  • Learn how to compose your shots in a way that is visually appealing and effective
  • Gain experience in giving your models clear instructions and provide feedback in a respectful and professional manner
  • Experiment with new ideas and approaches to your work and push the boundaries of what you are capable of creating


  • Sunday April 23, 2023 from 12-5pm EST (11am-4pm CST)

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Shannon Belletti

Opelika Art Factory
1010 Avenue C
Opelika, AL 36801


Equipment Needed
A digital or film camera of any kind

Ages 18+


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