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Can two people take the same class but share one camera?2023-02-25T17:10:43-05:00

Yes! If you’re comfortable sharing your camera equipment with another person during class, that’s fine. However, both participants need to be registered for the class or workshop.

Do I need to have my own camera to attend classes?2023-02-25T17:09:06-05:00

Yes, you will need to provide your own camera equipment as we do not currently offer rentals at this time. Certain classes and workshops that utilize specialty equipment such as studio lighting will provide those items for your use during the class.

Are your classes accessible to people with disabilities?2023-02-25T17:06:47-05:00

All of our classes held at our Georgia School of Photography offices are fully accessible. Some of our off-site locations may require some additional accommodations, but we will be happy to assist if you’ll let us know your specific needs! We want to make every class as inclusive as possible.

Can I get a degree or certification from GSP?2023-02-25T17:04:05-05:00

Georgia School of Photography is a community education program and not a typical college or university, so we do not offer formal degrees or certifications. We do, however, issue certificates of completion for each class or workshop you attend.

I’m supposed to photograph a trip/family event/wedding/sporting event soon! How can I get help ASAP?2023-02-25T17:01:30-05:00

If our Photography Essentials class isn’t available, you can book a Private Lesson with any one of our experienced instructors! We’ll get you ready for your shoot in no time!

Where are your classes held?2023-02-25T16:58:40-05:00

Most of our classroom-based classes are held at the Georgia School of Photography offices at the Bibb City Offices in Columbus, GA, and we utilize a variety of other locations throughout the West Georgia area for hands-on coursework, workshops and field trips.

When are your classes held?2023-02-25T16:56:17-05:00

Our classes are designed around our instructor availability so most of them are offered on weeknights and weekends. Some classes may meet for multiple sessions, and we also offer a lot of one-day workshops on specialized topics.

How often do you publish your class schedule?2023-02-25T16:52:51-05:00

Since we’re not a traditional college or university, we are able to schedule classes more frequently and as new instructors and programs are available. We don’t have set semesters, so check our website often for the most up-to-date listing of everything we have scheduled.

Do you offer classes for kids?2023-02-25T16:50:36-05:00

Yes! While most of our classes are designed for adults, we do offer some special classes and workshops just for kids. If you or your child is  under 18 but wish to attend one of our adult classes, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific situation.

Is a degree in photography necessary to work as a professional photographer?2023-02-25T16:48:20-05:00

While a degree in photography is not necessarily required to work as a professional photographer, some employers may prefer candidates with formal training and education in the field. Georgia School of Photography issues certificates of completion for each class or workshop you complete.

What kind of equipment do I need to bring to class?2023-02-25T16:40:20-05:00

The equipment required will depend on the specific class or workshop you are enrolled in. Usually you will need a digital camera with manual controls, a tripod, and a laptop for photo editing. Please see each class description for a specific list of equipment needed.

What are the benefits of attending a photography school?2023-02-25T16:37:40-05:00

Attending Georgia School of Photography can provide students with a structured learning environment, access to specialized equipment and facilities, opportunities for networking and collaboration with other photographers, and the guidance of experienced instructors.

What is a photography school?2023-02-25T16:36:53-05:00

A photography school is an educational institution that offers courses and programs designed to teach students the technical skills and artistic principles of photography. Georgia School of Photography is run by experienced professional photographers with a passion for sharing their experience and knowledge. We are not a formal, accredited 2- or 4-year college but rather focus on providing small classes and workshops designed specifically for our community and their interests.

Do you require an application to attend classes?2023-02-25T16:32:34-05:00

No! Our classes are pay-as-you-go, and you do not need to complete any kind of formal application to attend. Some classes may require a certain skillset or camera equipment, and those requirements will be listed in the description for that class.

What kinds of classes & workshops do you offer?2023-02-25T16:38:57-05:00

We offer a variety of courses that cover many different aspects of photography including introductory and advanced courses in digital photography, film photography, photojournalism, portraiture, landscape photography, and more. We also offer courses in related subjects such as photo editing, studio lighting, and business skills for photographers.


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