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Our Instructors are passionate about helping students reach their full potential

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, ranging from portrait and landscape photography to documentary and commercial photography. They are all dedicated to sharing their experience with students, providing personalized instruction and guidance to help each student grow and develop their skills.

We believe that the key to successful photography education is having a supportive and engaging learning environment, which is why we handpick our instructors for their ability to connect with students and create an atmosphere of collaboration and growth.

Our instructors have a wealth of experience in the photography industry, and many have been featured in major publications, won awards and have exhibited their work in galleries around the world. They are also committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in photography, which ensures that our curriculum remains relevant and cutting-edge.

We are proud to have such a talented and diverse team of photography instructors, and we believe that they are the heart and soul of our school. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about each of our instructors and the courses they offer. We hope that you will consider joining us on this exciting journey of photography education and self-discovery.



Shannon Belletti earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and has studied both traditional film and digital mediums. Her effortless shooting style is best described as a blend of photojournalism & classic portraiture, and her images often reflect a timeless appeal.

Over the past 20 years, Shannon’s work has garnered numerous awards including Best Photographer in Atlanta, Top Portrait Photographer and Top Wedding Photographer. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, celebrities, professional athletes, luxury real estate agents & commercial property managers.

Shannon was an instructor at Columbus State University’s Rankin Photography Center prior to founding the Georgia School of Photography. She also leads the Photopia Camera Club & the West Georgia Camera Club, and she is a frequent guest judge and speaker for other camera clubs throughout the Southeast.



Kenny Gray joins us from the Columbus State University Rankin Photography Center where he’s been the Director for the past sixteen years. He has also led photography programs at the Columbus Museum and The Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA, and has taught photography for over forty years.

Kenny’s fine-art photography has been internationally recognized and is held in many private and public collections, including the CSU Archives, The LaGrange Art Museum and Lamar Dodd Art Center (LaGrange, GA), and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia in Atlanta. His commercial photography can be seen on billboards, corporate websites and reports, and his portrait photography hangs in homes across America.

Kenny’s short multi-media film, Light Leaks, was nominated for Best Underground Film at the Way Down Film Festival in 2016. He wrote and directed a short film, Romeo, which was screened at Way Down in 2018. He was also Director of Photography for a horror short, The Operator.

We got straight into taking pictures with the theory taught as we went along. It totally changed the way we will take photographs!

Kinna Patanni

Kenny was calm, patient and very kind to a beginner who knew absolutely nothing about a camera. His classes were so interesting, fun, and I loved learning from Kenny.

Belinda Anderson

I really appreciated how Shannon took the time to understand what we wanted from the session and provided very clear and informative guidance. Would highly recommend!

Jason Lloyd

I recommend Kenny’s classes for both experienced and beginner
photographers. With his encouraging and uplifting nature I have thoroughly enjoyed every class I have been part of.

Liz Camacho

Through Kenny’s mentorship not only have I learned the technical side of
photography, but also been inspired on artistic projects, experienced growth as an artist, and embarked on a new career.

Teressa Danielle Phillips


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