Night Photography

Our night photography workshop is a hands-on learning experience designed to teach you the techniques & skills needed to capture stunning images in low-light conditions.

Your workshop begins with a short classroom session where you’ll learn the basic concepts of night photography including: exposure settings, white balance, focusing techniques, and composition.

After your intro, we’ll head out into the field to practice our skills! Your instructor will guide you through the process of setting up your camera & tripod, adjusting settings for night photography, and composing your images. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with different camera settings to learn how each of these settings affects the final image. You may also practice using long exposures to capture the movement of light and create beautiful light trails.

3-Hour Workshop (See Dropdown for Dates & Locations)

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Shannon Belletti

Fundamentals of Photography recommended but not required.

Equipment Needed
Camera, sturdy tripod, and remote shutter release.

Recommended for Ages 18+


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