Natural Light Portraits

ARE YOU A MODEL? This is a GREAT workshop for gaining experience with a lot of different photographers of all levels and building a portfolio of some amazing images. Fill out our Model Application or Contact Us if you wish to be considered for this workshop.

Do you want to learn how to capture stunning portraits using just the available natural light? Whether you prefer a soft & dreamy look or a punchier style, we’ll show you how to choose the right location and camera settings you need!

Throughout this workshop, we’ll be working with one or more models to practice a variety of techniques and create beautiful portraits you can add to your portfolio. You’ll receive hands-on guidance and feedback from your instructor to help you refine your skills and develop your own personal style of natural light portraiture.

  • Choosing the best camera settings for controlling your exposure and background blur
  • Effective communication with your subject
  • Positioning your subject for backlighting, directional lighting and soft lighting
  • Basic posing techniques to help your subject look their best and feel comfortable

4-Hour Workshop

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Kenny Gray

Fundamentals of Photography recommended but not required.

Equipment Needed
A digital or film camera with a lens suitable for portraiture (we recommend a long, fast prime lens if you have one).

Recommended for Ages 18+


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