iPhone Filmmaking

Your instructor’s short film, Light Leaks, shot on iPhone, was nominated for Best Underground Film at the 2016 Way Down Film Festival.

Did you know that feature films, TV shows, and short films have been shot on iPhones? In the early 21st Century, independent filmmakers are empowered by affordable software and hardware, and millions of them are telling powerful stories, often shot on iPhones.

So how do you begin to write a script? What filming software will you need and how hard is it to use? Once you have a script, then what? What accessories make your iPhone an even more powerful camera? What about editing software? These questions and many others will be answered!

In this relaxed, one-day workshop, you will help your instructor write a short script, create a shot list and film & edit a scene as a group.

  • Planning your film from start to finish
  • Crafting a good script
  • Basics of iPhone filming & editing

1-Day Workshop: (See Dropdown for Dates)

  • Saturday from 9am-4pm EST with break for lunch

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Kenny Gray

Georgia School of Photography
3707 2nd Avenue Suite 104
Columbus GA 31904


Equipment Needed
iPhone recommended but not required. Equipment will be provided.

Recommended for Ages 18+


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